About Us

Mavens are information specialist. They accumulate knowledge and know how to share it with others. They are almost pathologically helpful, they are the ones you go to when you don’t know where to start. Mavens has a strong compulsion to help others by helping them make informed decisions

At Mavn Marketing we take this to heart. We have a compulsory need to help you solve your company’s biggest issues. We feel like we are teachers before we are business people. If we can spend 10 mins with you and get you want you need and send you on your way then all the better. If the issues take a little more time then we can enter into a longer-term engagement.

I grew up in the home of an educator and was taught to teach. I was taught to share what I know for the betterment of those we come into contact with. I hope to take this approach with me into every business I engage with. I’d rather teach you and our organization to be self-sustaining then to have to rely on someone else to keep the processes going.

I’m married to a wonderful woman and together we are raising our 3 children our fantastic dog and begrudgingly a cat. We love the outdoors and the lessons of life that can be learned there. When I’m not working or with my family, I’m usually on a rescue mission as a volunteer team member of the Utah County Search and Rescue team.

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