Mavn Meet Up #1 Campaign Triage

So today was my first attempt at hosting a networking event called Mavn Meet up. It was supposed to be a fun way to meet and network with other marketers from around the valley. The plan was to do a 1-hour trail run in the foothills above Draper, UT.

On the surface of the campaign outreach, the meet up could have been a success. Each email saw a 35% or greater open rate and a 16% clickthrough rate. On most email campaigns I’d look at these two stats and say “wow you crushed it!” High opens, high clickthrough, high interaction scores usually mean campaign success but in this case, these are the epitome of vanity metrics.

Seems a little lonely for a networking event

So how did the campaign really go? The goal of the campaign was to gather a group of people together. I had the goal of 3 people to the run. How did it go? I had one person to the run. MYSELF. So according to that goal, it was a complete failure. No new connections, no networking, no new revenue. The email metrics looked so good. 36% open, 16.6% clickthrough you have to admit those are great numbers for an email campaign. Yet those numbers didn’t translate to a successful campaign. So now it’s time to triage and dig deeper on why the first Mavn Meet-up had a little less meet-up then we wanted.

What metrics are you looking at to define campaign success? Do you manage up with vanity metrics? What should we all be looking at to make sure our campaign have the outcome we want?

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